An Unforgettable Memory in Disneyland

My dream is to go to Disneyland! This summer vacation, I went to East America with my schoolmates and teachers. I was so excited that I finally had a chance to go to the biggest Disney in the world. There were four completely different Theme Parks there. We spent two days playing in Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

On the first day, we went to “Magic Kingdom”. The most interesting attraction in the Tomorrow land was “Space Mountain’’. Although the vast waiting line scared us, we still longed for playing. I could hear screams around me when I blasted on the coaster ride in the dark. The most impressive attraction in the Tomorrow land was “Stitch’s Great Escape”. We interacted with a mischievous Stitch in the dark theater. When he hiccoughed, the space was filled with stinky pepper smells. It was so disgusting that my friends shouted then. Finally, I saw dazzling fiber optics and Mickey light up the sky in the Electrical Parade. The gorgeous electrical cars and animals broadened my view. After that, the castle was surrounded by brilliant fireworks. They looked like flowers blossom on the brocade with stars. What a beautiful view that I’ve ever seen! I won’t forget the moment forever!

On the second day, we went to “Epcot”. It had fewer facilities but with high technology. Take Space Mission for example, we could experience NASA-style training with a simulated space launch. And “The Sum of All Thrills” made us design and customize our own thrilling ride just like an engineer. It was a brand-new and awesome experience for me. When we walked along the lake, it rained heavily all of a sudden. We ran into the nearest building as fast as we could in case we were drenched. That was a Japanese restaurant. The udon noodles there were so delicious that we finished up the food rapidly.

During this trip, I learned not only knowledge but also good sense. I really want to thank my parents for letting me join this trip, and I was grateful to all the teachers in the camp, who left their family to take care of us for about three weeks. Without you, it will be impossible to carry out my beautiful dream!

An Experiment in Adelphi University

During this trip to America, we went to Adelphi University, and stayed there for two weeks. What we did was so much fun! Besides the field trips and the recreation time in every afternoon, we also did an interesting experiment.

In order to solve the problem of algae bloom, we designed this experiment. Bivalves are an important group of animals that obtain food from water around them by filter feeding. When they filter feed, they remove plankton from the water and effectively improve water clarity. Our objective was to confer the relationship between the number of mussels and the amount of plankton in the water. Additionally, we tried to answer the question, “How many bivalves does it take to improve water clarity?”Our hypothesis was: Mussels are effective filter feeders so that they can reduce the chance of algae bloom. We predicted that the more mussels there are, the more plankton they eat. During the experiment, we tested them again and again for two days. After observing the changes of the amount of plankton in each tank, we make a chart by using the statistics we got. Unfortunately, we found out that the result didn’t show as the way we predicted. Maybe there should be more time and replications so that we could reduce bias in our experiment.

To sum up, my classmates and I learned a lot from this experiment. We also improved our English as well! I really enjoyed every moment in the US, and I’d like to thank all the doctors, teachers and teaching assistants. What a wonderful summer vacation!

The Trip to America

I went to America this summer vacation while others were still stayed in Taiwan and had been living the same life since they were born. Luckily, I had the opportunity to experience a whole new way of interacting with people and learning things which I’ve never heard before.

The four-week trip seems to be quite long, but it didn’t make me bored. Actually, it was too short. The cool scenic spots in America were just so unforgettable that I couldn’t help but be excited about them. We visited the Liberty Bell, the huge parade on Independence Day, Luray Caverns, the White House, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial……etc. All of them were just some kind of places I could only see on TV before this trip, so getting the chance to visit there in person was extremely wonderful to me.

Then we went to Adelphi University to take some lessons. The lessons we learned were “Marine Science.” Honestly, I’m not interested in the ocean and the creatures which live in it, so the lessons weren’t fun to me at all. However, I love the Play People lessons very much. I can’t act, but I like to watch other people act in their own ways. Although we haven’t studied in a drama school yet, we’re young enough to produce many creative thoughts to add into the plays. The teacher gave us plenty of room to express our own feelings and then picked up some elements that we had but didn’t notice. He guided us to improve, but still made us enjoy the freedom of performing. Also, the process to come up with a story and make it better step by step was inspiring too. Unlike the lessons we took in Taiwan, it was active and more related to us because we were the ones who made it at first. We not only had to think but also feel from our hearts.

During the days in Adelphi, we went to Time Square and watched a show in Broadway. I was used to watching movies, so the show was a little unreal to me. After that, we visited Stony Brook, which is a lot bigger than Adelphi. Stony Brook is famous for their potentials in science. What deserved to be mentioned were the field trips to the Jones Beach and the bay. Taiwan is a small island which has ocean around it. But strangely, we seldom went to the beach to have fun while we were there. Therefore, the experience to feel the wind blowing and the waves hitting your feet was just amazing! Amusing, peaceful, touching……all of the feelings combine together and make this trip more memorable.

To let me take part in this trip to America, my parents spent a lot of money. So I want to thank them for helping me broaden my horizons. Also, I’m glad that during the trip, I’ve met many kind foreigners who make my days there even better than I thought.Next time, I want to try visiting other countries and learn from the people there, whether the lessons are academic or artistic. But before that, I need to sharpen my English and other common languages skills so that I can communicate with people more smoothly.

A Precious Memory

My mom always wants me to have a chance to go abroad. Fortunately, I got a chance this year. There is an activity held by THSH about traveling to America every summer vacation. My mom heard about it and she thought this is a good chance for me to improve my English.

On July 3rd, our group left for America. After a tiring flight, we arrived in America. Everyone felt exhausted and went to bed as soon as they could. The next day, we joined the celebration of Independence Day. I got a free cap and drinks! During the same week, we also went to “Six Flags” — a playground full of excitements and interesting amusement facilities, and we even watched the baseball game to cheer for “Yankees!”

After the trip to several museums, we went to Adelphi University. We studied and lived there for two weeks. The professors taught us about sea and land creatures, and tiny things inside the creatures, like DNA. Both of the presentations of ”Play class” and “Study” were held on the last two days in Adelphi. All TAs and RAs and professors and the teachers in THSH thought the show was fantastic, and we had a great time pretending to be university student.

We went to the airport immediately the next morning. Because we had to get up at about three-thirty in the morning, some of the senior students just stayed up until three-thirty! Going to Orlando was a difficult trip to us. Besides getting up very early, we also had to separate into two groups to board different planes. After the teachers gathered all of the students, we went to the basketball team’s store “Magic” for a while. Then we visited some famous places and took many pictures. On the next two days, we all stayed in “Disney” — the magic kingdom, where we can have fun and go shopping. I think that was the craziest time during the whole trip!

On the last day in Orlando, we went to NASA. Unfortunately, I caught a cold and had a fever, so I felt very bad. I was so uncomfortable that I slept on the bus almost the whole day. Thank God I got better when we got back to the hotel in New York at about twelve a.m.

On the last day of the trip, we went to the outlet. When I first saw those “brick houses” there, I felt curious and wondered why the stores are built like that. However, everything in the outlet is extremely cheaper than the goods in other department stores.

Although a twenty-three-day trip isn’t that long as it seems, it’s still a good memory to have. Not everyone has such a great chance like this, do they? I believe it will be the most precious memory in my life!

My First Trip to America

Around one month ago, we said goodbye to our parents and went to Taoyuan International Airport for a foreign trip. After having two meals and a fourteen-hour flight, we finally arrived in the U.S. Our trip began from July third. We lived in hotels in the first week because that was more convenient for us to go sightseeing everywhere. We went to the Yankee Stadium. We didn’t catch any foul ball or homerun because we sat on the fourth floor. But we still enjoy watching it.

Then, we went to Adelphi University to study for about two weeks. I enjoyed playing my part in the play class, having some delicious food in the restaurant, doing exercise with my friends, enjoying the field trip, and studying and taking notes in class. I don’t like the science class in Taiwan. However, in America, we didn’t just read books but had experiments in every lesson. For example, the concept of food web was boring, but the teachers used a rope to play a game which made it quite interesting. I learned what estuaries and water quality are from Dr. Beth. I learned how to use the microscope to watch microorganisms from Dr. Jonna . l learned how to consult my dictionary to look up some insects from Dr. Matthias. When we had trouble, our TAs, Gina and Bincy would always help us.

At the end of the courses in AU, we had a play show, which made me excited because I was glad to share what I learned from the teacher. Then, we also had a presentation. Our team, Flounders had to introduce fifteen kinds of animals. I felt terrible and stressful because every group needed to stand on the stage and introduced something we learned from the America Museum of Natural History. Fortunately, we tried our best and we made it. When it was about time to leave AU, I was happy because we were going to Disney in Orlando, but I was also sad because we had to say goodbye to everything in AU.

We spent around three hours taking the plane to Orlando. The Disney World in Orlando is the biggest one in the world. I went shopping there and they cost me little money. At night, there was a firework show. The light around the castle was a truly impressive sight. At the end of the show, everybody ran to the boat quickly because it was already eleven p.m. We had to run as soon as we can.

At last, I wanted to thank my parents. They spent lots of money to let me go there and learn something. The teachers in the camp really took good care of us. Besides them, Mr. Chang sometimes bought something to eat or drink for us. He is a kind person. I made many friends there and we promised that we would keep in touch through Facebook. I really like the regular school life here. May I stay in America longer? If I can, I will go to AU again in the future. I thought the experience made my life more colorful. It has become a beautiful memory of mine.

A Memorable Travel to Western America

This summer vacation, I joined my school’s summer camp and traveled to America. Before we started our trip, we almost assembled twice a week because there are so many things we need to know and prepare ahead of time. Now I realize that good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. I want to thank all the teachers for preparing everything before we go to America.

This is my first trip to America. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night before starting out. I believed everyone had the same mood. When we arrived at Taoyuan International Airport, I felt that I would work abroad and never come back. That was funny, wasn’t it?

The second and third day in America, we went to the Yosemite National Park. It was a marvelous place whose view was so beautiful that I didn’t want to leave. We walked into the river and felt the freezing water. One of our team members even fell into the freezing water! We also went to some famous scenic spots like Stanford University, San Francisco city and visited many things which are different from those in Taiwan. What is the most expectable in our journey was to go to watch the baseball game in the Giants stadium. The atmosphere during the game was so exciting. Everyone yelled loudly when the pitcher struck out the batter or the batter hit the base hit. This is such a precious experience in my life and I will keep it in my mind forever!

Then we went to CSUMB University and did the most important things in the summer camp. The lesson sounds difficult on the first day, because when the teacher explained the design of the apps, she spoke really fast. Fortunately, we could ask the TA who studies in the university and joins the camp to help us. Finally we made our own apps in the lessons and we learned how to be independent during the activity in the California States University Monterey Bay!

We also had outdoor educations. We went to the sea to look for some precious sea animals in the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, we saw all of the sea animals which live in Monterey Bay. We also rode a bike along the coastline of Pacific Ocean. The view was so beautiful that I didn’t feel tired at all and we even had the barbecue beside the ocean! I don’t think there was anyone who wanted to end the wonderful school life.

After leaving the CSUMB, we left for the south California and visited the Hearst Castle, which cost thirty million US dollars. After that we played and had a good time in the Disneyland, the Universal Studio, and the Sea World. On the last day of the trip, we also went to an outlet and bought a lot of things there.

After coming back to Taiwan, I always keep missing what we did during the summer camp in America. I’ll remember everything during the trip and never forget them in my life. I also want to say to all the members in the camp: We are a team and our friendship will never disappear!

A Beautiful Memory I Can’t Forget

It was really a precious time for me to go to western USA in this summer vacation. It was the first time I went to the USA, so I was excited that I could learn many things in this trip.

On the first day, we spent almost 3 hours from SFO to Yosemite National Park. After I got off the bus, I took a deep breath. The air in Yosemite National Park is fresher than in any place I’ve ever been. We saw many waterfalls, and stayed in a hotel in Yosemite for one night. The next three days, we got back to SFO to visit some famous tourist attractions, like Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks, and Fishermen Harbor. Before we went to California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), we watched an exciting baseball game. Although Giants lost the game, I still enjoyed the feeling in the stadium.

At night, we arrived at CSUMB. We had to take care of ourselves in the following two weeks. During the days, we learned some knowledge about technology (App and Robots), innovation and marine science. To learn more about these things, we also went to Technology Museum, and took a boat to find whales, sea turtles, dolphins, sea otters, and sharks. Almost every afternoon, we went to the gym called ”sea otters house” to play basketball. It was the happiest time in a day, because I found another way to meet new friends, like Mason, Nash, Johnson, teacher Seth, and Kelly.

The last five days, we went to Hearst Castle, San Diego Sea World, Hollywood Universal Studio, and Disneyland Park. In Sea World, we watched a show of killer whales. They used their tails to make big water waves to make us wet. In Universal Studio, we played The Transformer 3D, Jurassic Park, and horror house. It was the first time I played horror house in Universal Studio, but I was not afraid of the ghosts, because I knew they were in fact all humans. Ha !Ha!

The last theme park was Disneyland. There were four areas in the park, and it was the first Disneyland in the world. We played in “California Adventure” this time. Space Mountain and Splash Mountain would take us too much time waiting, so we learned how to use “fast pass” to save our time. At night, we watched a parade and fireworks display. The fireworks that I hadn’t seen before were so fantastic.

On the last day, we went to an outlet. I bought two pairs of basketball shoes in NIKE. They cost me almost two hundred US dollars. After that, we enjoyed our last dinner in the USA, and took an airplane back to Taiwan.I would like to thank my schoolmates and new friends for giving me a lot of happiness. I’m thankful to my school Tsai-Hsing for holding the west coast study trip for us. Thank CSUMB, the professors and the TAs for accompanying us for two weeks, and giving us such a wonderful experience of school life.

I couldn’t have experienced all these without any of you. I will keep the memories in my heart forever and ever, because you told me that these will be the best memories in my life!

A Wonderful Study Tour

I went to America for a three-week trip in this summer vacation. At first the place was quite strange to me, so I took a while to adapt myself to it. Fortunately, I adapted myself to everything before long and even fell in love with the tour. We visited the Yosemite National Park for two days. Among the most famous and representative views in Yosemite Valley were the Half Dome and the Merced River. I was deeply impressed with the scenery there.

We spent up to two weeks at the California State University Monterey Bay. It was the most important part in this trip. We learned to be self-motivated and self-disciplined before we got started with game design. It was a great experience to learn how to use and create the APP program. We tried to exercise our imagination to create APP games of our own. With the help of the teaching assistants, we learned very quickly. And we also exchanged new ideas with one another and got new knowledge in a short time. Because of the program, I had to increase my vocabulary to get a better understanding of the instructions. I did work very hard for this.

For the following days we went to several amusement parks, like Sea World, Hollywood & Universal Studio and Disneyland. We had great fun riding in the most thrilling roller coasters. Though there were numerous people waiting in line, we still lined up again and again for more fun. While in Disneyland, we also enjoyed the amazing parades. In the evening, we watched the most beautiful fireworks show above the magnificent castle. I had never seen such an attractive sight. It was indeed a great memory for me.

I was really satisfied with the study tour, and I learned a lot that I might not learn in Taiwan. I’d like to show thanks to all of my friends and teachers who helped me a lot. These are definitely beautiful memories to me. I really enjoyed everything!


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